Bulletin 4/3/2017

North Fitzroy Adventist Bulletin 

Saturday 4th of March 2017 


Pr. John Bradshaw speaking in Melbourne

Pastor John Bradshaw is the Director/Speaker of It is Written USA and is coming to Melbourne to speak at three of our churches. He worked previously as a DJ in New Zealand on many of its top radio stations before shifting his focus in 1990 when, propelled by a desire to find Bible-based truth and a deeper Christian experience, he began working as a full-time evangelist.

25th March 2017:

Pakenham Church at 9:30am (50 Lakeside Boulevard, Pakenham)

Casey Church at 11:00am (139 Reema Boulevard [First Romanian Baptist Church], Endeavor Hills)

Dandenong Polish Church at 3:30pm (100 James Street, Dandenong).

World day of Prayer UPDATED

World Day of Prayer held on 3 March 2017 is fast approaching; this is a great opportunity for churches and congregations everywhere to join together in prayer for the people of the Philippines. Multiple services will be held all over Victoria involving churches of all Christian denominations focusing on prayer for the particular needs of the Philippines. You are invited to be part of this, either by joining in with other churches in your area, or encouraging your local congregation to spend time in prayer for this country, particularly for those who have been victims of physical, psychological or physical trauma. May your prayers add to the blessings in store for this country in the coming months.

Service Details 

Sermon: “You Must be born again” – Pr Wayne Stanley

Sermon Next week: Taf Shanamo


  • 316 – Live Out Thy Life Within Me
  • 265 – Breathe on me, Breath of God
  • 330 – Take My Life and Let It Be

Scripture Reading: John 3:1-8

Offering: Local Church Budget

Fellowship Lunch

Visitors & members are warmly invited to join us for our weekly church lunch after the service.

This Week: Potluck

Lunch Next Week: Yes

Open Door

We serve a nourishing, free meal 3 times a week. All are welcome. Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday, 6.30-7.30pm.

If you would like to help out contact Tanya Wilson tanya.wilson@svhm.org.au or 0409422064

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