Bulletin 11th March 2017


North Fitzroy Adventist Bulletin 

Saturday 11th of March 2017 


Attention all board members

Reminding you that there will be a Board Meeting

March 14th at 7:45 pm.

Help needed for lower primary tent

Do you have a pizza oven, potter’s wheel or desire to serve 6-7 year olds in a fun way? Jerusalem Marketplace makes the bible come alive with shops (bakery, carpentry, herbal, candy etc), synagogue school, & the village playground while providing a sense of belonging. Simple roles such as being a tribe leader- guiding a group throughout the experience, or roles demanding passion and creativity are available to choose from. We really need help; do you need to see the bible through fresh eyes as we take the Lower Primaries through an adventure at big camp? Teens through to the young at heart, please contact Keryn Jasper on 0421-171-488 or kjasper@internode.on.net

First Aid volunteers

Nurses/Doctors/Paramedics/First Aid Assistants Needed to man our roster at Camp for medical emergencies that may arise.

If you are planning to be at Camp we need your help please.

If you can help please contact Cveta urgently – Phone no 92647703 or email cbakof@adventist.org.au

Thank you for your help with this urgent and important work.

Service Details 

Sermon: Hark the Shephard’s Voice” – Iriwin Moyo

Sermon Next week: Jamie Stanley


  • 208 –There’ll Be No Dark Valley
  • 361 – Hark! ‘Tis the Shepherd’s Voice I Hear
  • 359 – Hark! the Voice of Jesus Calling

Scripture Reading: 

Ezekiel 34:1-10

Isiah 56: 10-12

Offering: Adventist World Radio

Fellowship Lunch

Visitors & members are warmly invited to join us for our weekly church lunch after the service.

Open Door

We serve a nourishing, free meal 3 times a week. All are welcome. Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday, 6.30-7.30pm.

If you would like to help out contact Tanya Wilson tanya.wilson@svhm.org.au or 0409422064

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