Bulletin – Saturday 22nd April 2017


North Fitzroy Adventist Bulletin 

Saturday 22nd of April 2017 


Christ through music with the Advent Brass Band

We’re very fortunate to have the Advent Brass Band taking our service today. The aim of the band is to present Christ through music.

brass band

Safe places awareness training


As you are aware, every Person appointed by the Church Nominating Committee (staff and volunteer) is to have completed the Safe Church Awareness training, either as provided by elearning online (You can simply access the site at http://elearning.safeplaceservices.org.au/ use the access key “S@fe”) or the face to face training. The online version can be done at your own convenience and time, and thus is the preferred method of completing this training.

If however you do not have access to a computer or internet, we have arranged for the following face to face Safe Church Awareness training.

* Please note start times

*Please note $20 fee for Face to Face training which needs to be paid in advance to Vic Conference Treasury

* Please be sure to text/email to book

* Please bring a packed lunch

* Please note language the training will be taught in and    choose accordingly

* Training will commence at 10am and will take approximately 6 hours

Date Location Language
7/05/2017 Hamilton SDAC English NEW
18.6/2017 Mildura SDAC English


Contact for Booking (Essential)

Email: craiggillis@adventist.org.au, Mobile: 0408417785, Office: 92647777

safe places photo

Service Details

Sermon: Advent Brass Band

Sermon Next week: Iriwin Moyo

Offering: Local Church Budget

Fellowship Lunch

Visitors & members are warmly invited to join us for our weekly church lunch after the service.

Open Door

We serve asoup-kitchen nourishing, free meal 3 times a week. All are welcome. Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday, 6.30-7.30pm.

If you would like to help out contact Tanya Wilson tanya.wilson@svhm.org.au or

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