Bulletin – 19th August 2017


North Fitzroy Adventist Bulletin 

Saturday 19th of August 2017 

Service Details

Sermon: “Freedom” – Jamie Stanley

Next Week: Peter McGowan

Scripture Reading: John 8:31 – 36

Offering: Education / Camping Ministry



To our members , our children and our visitors. You are important to us. As we worship and Praise the Lord let the warm nearness of His Love fill you with calmness and peace. Accept His invitation to cast your burdens on Him and peace above human understanding will be yours.

News from VICON


NEW Fly and Build Database. A place where you can:

Search for a project
Apply to join a team
Apply to lead a team
Upload your own project
Set up your Volunteer Profile

Questions? volunteers@adventist.org.au

AdventCare Chief Executive Officer

Only applicants with legal right to work in Australia will be considered

More information at Vic.Adventist.org.au under News and Announcements tab or contact Pr Craig Gillis, Confer- ence Secretary, on 03 9264 7707
or CraigGillis@adventist.org.au .

Applications close 13 October 2017

Looking for Adventist Employment?

If you are looking to work within the Church system, please visit vic.adventist.org.au and click on Adventist Employment Opportunities.

The Redefining of Marriage

How will you vote in the proposed Plebiscite on Marriage? We as a Church needs take a stand on this and we need to be informed as to the repercussions of the outcome of this postal vote.

The Conference has made material available (supplied by Coalition for Marriage) for our church to make an informed decision on this very serious, life changing issue.

The “COALITION FOR MARRIAGE” has provided information on this issue to the Victorian Conference. You can examine the salient facts at their website.


If you are not a registered voter but are entitled to vote, you have time until next Thursday, August 24 after which time you cannot register as voter and cannot vote on this issue.

If you have missed this booklet in the May 8 Record, you can download it from this Website; https://record.adventistchurch.com/2017/05/08/ church-produces-marriage-booklet/

Fellowship Lunch

Visitors & members are warmly invited to join us for our weekly church lunch after the service.

Open Door

We serve an nourishing, free meal 3 times a week. All are welcome. Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday, 6.30-7.30pm.

If you would like to help out contact Tanya Wilson tanya.wilson@svhm.org.au or


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