Bulletin 7th of October 2017


North Fitzroy Adventist Bulletin 

Saturday 7th of October 2017 

Service Details

Sermon: “Perfect Surrender” – Asela Goonetilleke

Next Week: Tim Wilson

Scripture Reading: Galatians 2:20

Offering: Appeal Expense


Welcome: To our members, our children and our visitors. You are important. As we wor- ship and Praise the Lord let the warm near- ness of His Love fill you with calmness and peace. You are invited to share our lunch af- ter the service

Eastern Suburbs Bible Study

Our Bible Study will be in full swing from this week, you are welcome to join us.

SPECIAL SERVICE IN SONG NEXT SABBATH OCT 14 by our very own talented Ensemble!

Special guest musicians include Tim Wilson and his Euphonium, with amazing Soprano Helena Ring blessing us with several songs, including a solo and a duet with Emily. Do invite your friends to come and share the blessing that we receive from the talents that God has imbued some of our church family.



There is a Board Meeting on Sunday Night 8th of October at 7.30pm sharp. You are all encouraged to attend and help in the smooth running of our church. We really appreciate your help. Thank you.


Victorian Conference News 


Are you interested in learning more about how to use your social media outlets to best advantage for Christ? Whether you are managing your church’s page, or just have a personal profile, if you are intentional, you can do more than just communicate with social media. Go to http://www.DigitalDiscipleMakers.org and sign up to learn more.


Australians have been invited to have their say about the legalisation of “same Sex marriage.” The Media are full of news about this proposed change to Australia’s Marriage laws. All of us need to make an informed decision about something that will affect all of our lives. Don’t allow the Media to be your only source of information. Experience has proven that they are biased in their reporting of events.

For more information go to these websites;

Marriage: Perspectives and Conversations

ADVENTIST REVIEW You can now download the Adventist Review in PDF format for your easy perusal at home. It is free and and keeps you up to date with Adventist world news. You can download the PDF here:

http://www.adventistreview.org/assets/public/ issues/1710/1710.pdf


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