Worship Service

Seventh-day Adventists choose to worship God because we believe He is our Creator who deserves praise and honour.

Exodus 20:11 says ” in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.”

We believe that Saturday is a special day set aside for humanity, since the beginning of the world, to spend time worshipping and honouring God. We can worship God in many different ways. It can be through Bible study, prayer and singing praises to Him. We can do this at a personal level or meet together with fellow believers.bible

We invite you to join us on Saturday morning to praise God and to learn more about Him.
You are welcome to sit anywhere during the worship program – there are no set seats – and we don’t have a ‘dress code’ either. If you’re comfortable, we’re happy!

We have two worship programs each Saturday.

In both our programs we sing, pray to God and collect an offering.
However, we emphasise that there is no obligation for you to give an offering if you don’t want to.
These programs are our gifts to God and to you – we don’t expect anything in return.


The Main Worship Program
11.00am to 12 Noon each Saturday.

This is a time where we unite together, gather strength from the Word of God and learn more about God.

Following is an example of a typical “Main Service” program

  • Welcome
  • Music / Song Service – singing of contemporary Christian songs or hymns and praises to God.
  • Prayer
  • Offering – for local running costs or mission projects.
  • Children’s Story – a short story is told to teach the Children about an aspect of the Bible.
  • Music / Song – Special Item – This can be a musical item or even a drama performance on an aspect or story in the Bible.
  • Scripture Reading – a passage of the Bible is read that is relevant to the sermon
  • The message – The local pastor or a guest speaker will share a message with the congregation on God’s Word
  • Music / Song
  • Benediction – the preacher closes the service with prayer.
  • Lunch – Most Saturdays we offer a free lunch (yes, there is such a thing!) so you can meet new people or catch up with friends.

A recording of each weeks Message is available on our sermon recordings page.

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